Got your attention didn’t I?  I bet you had no idea that probably everyday you are not showering alone.  How often do you find yourself doing daily tasks and routines and realizing your mind is thinking about something else,  other people, places or things that have happened?

If you are like most people it happens all the time, and  although multitasking is a necessary part of life and can be a good thing it can also be a trap and a roller coaster of emotions.  Finding a healthy balance is important to helping reduce stress.

In the age of information technology things are moving  and changing at lightening speed.  Think about how much even the cell phone has changed in the past few years.  Before the age of information the pace of life was  much slower.   Now like a thief in the night technology is pushing our human capacity to do more, go faster, hurry up and keep up.

Check out this chronological history:

1876  the first telephone

1973  the first cell phone

1992 the first smart phone

2007  the first iPhone

It is interesting to notice that it was about 100 years between the first telephone and the first cell phone, then BOOM look at the rapid pace of technology!

Change is happening faster and faster,  it was only 40 years ago that things really sped up when the switch from analog to the digital world happened.  “The age of information” has changed us and the way we process information and live our lives.

If you don’t think so try this:

Think of any 6 digit number and divide it by 14 long hand (see if you still can ) and how long it takes you.

We have computers to process everything  and  we are all operating in the ginormous iCloud!  We think like talk like and act like computers.  We are constantly in a state of  multitasking and with the influence of social media, facebook, twitter, tweets, instagram etc. people are lonelier  and more stressed than ever.  Isn’t it ironic that with all of the ways we can social connect people feel more isolated.  We are so scattered and busy we are not really communicating presently with one another and more importantly with ourselves.  Our society has become one of humans doing and rarely just humans being.

All communication starts with self, how we talk and connect with ourselves.  It affects our attitudes, moods and well being, it creates our state of mind.  It effects how we relate to other people and our surroundings. When our minds are racing and we constantly are flooding our mind with thoughts of past problems or potential future problems it creates stress in our bodies.  Chronic stress is very hard on our bodies and can cause a variety of health challenges.  Some of the impacts to your health according to Mayo Clinic are:

  • the immune system response
  • Increases your heart rate
  • Suppresses the digestive and reproductive systems
  • Elevates blood sugars

These chemical responses when consistently triggered can result in:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • digestive problems
  • headaches

I invite you to think about the thoughts you think in a different way, think about slowing them down instead of going faster.  I am suggesting to take a few moments a day to really be present with yourself and present to everyday routines and interactions.  Making a decision to do this is a proactive approach to improve your health.

When you take this approach in your life and apply it as a strategy for welling being what your doing is practicing presence and mindfulness.  Your just being in the moment and  experiencing that fully without any distraction, or stressful thoughts.   You intentionally focus in the here and now and instead of  events in the past or future responsibilities or worries.

I love this quote by Eckhart Tolle:

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”

So much is going on in the world and now more than ever we need to take a moment to slow down and become present and mindful.  To take a few moments just for ourselves with ourselves to quiet our mind to find our inner peace and sense of control in our thought and thought streams.

When I work with clients developing a practice of being present and mindful  is a big area of opportunity.  Incorporating a few minutes a day allows  them to take control of their health by reducing stress, quiet the noise and demands of life.  There are many simple techniques that are quick and easy to create being present and in the moment.  Any routine you do regularly is an opportunity, brushing your teeth, making coffee, eating breakfast, showering are excellent ways to incorporate being present.  Just a simple breathing technique for a few minutes throughout the day can accomplish the same thing. 

An example of a simple and quick breathing technique is a pattern of inhaling for a count of 3 or 4, holding for a count of 3 or 4 and than exhaling completely for a count of 6 or 8.  Repeat this for a minute or two, you will feel more relaxed and calm and focusing on your breath and counting keeps you engaged in the present.

Taking control of your thoughts is easy and can be incredibly positive and has a direct impact on your  physical and emotional health.  The biggest challenge is to just do it make it part of your daily routine.  The great news is there are several opportunities throughout the day to incorporate into one or more of your daily routines. 

So to sum this all up for you next time you take a shower don’t send out any invitations!