How The Mind Works

Your Mind The conscious/logical mind comprises only 12% of your brain power.

It houses your rational reasoning, your willpower, and your every day working memory.The subconscious mind is really the powerhouse of who you are encompassing 88% of your brain power! It houses your long-term memory, your habits, emotions and self preservation instinct.

Every thought or idea causes a physical reaction.

Your thoughts affect all of the functions of your body. Worry thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that eventually lead to ulcers. Anger stimulates your adrenal glands and increased amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream causes a rise in blood pressure, muscle tightness and many other physical changes. Anxiety and fearful odds also change your pulse rate.What is expected tends to be realized.The subconscious mind responds only to mental images. It does not matter if the images in your imagination or reality. This mental image becomes the goal that your subconscious mind uses all its available energy to carry out. Your subconscious acts to fulfill the imagined situation… quote the first thing I feared most has happened.” Worrying is the programming of an image that you do not want!

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Images are the property of the subconscious mind which comprises 88% of your brain power. Those images will generally overpower your logical quote thinking” line. Ideas accompanied by strong emotions usually cannot be modified through the use of quote reason”. Any old ideas that you choose to change can, however, be easily and effortlessly removed, altered or amended through hypnosis.