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Success using hypnosis is dependent on many variables including the attitude, motivation, cooperation and the attendance of scheduled sessions by the client. Even though human behavior cannot be ethically guaranteed, The Maine Hypnosis Center is committed to providing excellent service.  As people vary, so will the time duration needed for each individual to achieve their individual goal.

After the initial training period for our program is completed, and you have successfully completed your hypnosis assignments (listening to CDs, attending your sessions, etc.). Portland Maine Hypnosis Center  will provide FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions at client’s request as needed (maximum one per month) until client is satisfied and has attained his or her desired results.

Testimonials From Our Clients

FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: I have been carrying a fear of speaking to strangers my entire life. This has caused so much anxiety and held me back from many opportunities. After one session with Amber my anxiety was cleared. I purposely put my self in a situation that would of been terrifying to me prior and I felt so calm and peaceful. Working with Amber has been life changing for me.
Michelle - Cumberland County
SPORTS PERFORMANCE: My ten year old daughter is a gymnast, she had a fall during a practice which caused her a major set back as she could not perform certain moves. After a few sessions with Amber she was completely back on track and at the top of her game. Not only did this help her in sports but the confidence carried through in her daily life and other activities. Many of the other parents and gymnast immediately noticed this change and sought Amber’s help.
Andrea - Androscoggin County
STRESS: Hi my name is Lisa, I just wanted to share my experience with anyone who has been contemplating hypnosis. I have had a few sessions with Amber and I am happy to say it does work. My main reason for working with Amber was I was tired of being irritated and annoyed with everything and everyone, especially around that time of the month. It was getting to the point that I couldn’t even stand being around myself.
If you’re worried about what hypnosis is like it, it is very relaxing. You are totally aware of what is going on. You are not sleeping jsut very relaxed. Amber has a very soothing voice. She gives your subconscious mind tools to help you change how you would normally react to things. After just a few sessions I already notice the things that used to bother me, I can now just dismiss. I actually say “wow, I so would have been annoyed with that” now I feel myself take a deep breathe and carry on. It’s amazing to see it work in your everyday life. I can’t explain how wonderful that feels. I am so much happier now!! I can’t thank you enough Amber……
So if you’re like me and not sure what to think about hypnosis, I can say I highly recommend it, and for me to say that is huge. I am a true skeptic, if I don’t see it for myself I don’t believe it. I am now a true believer of hypnosis, give it a try…….
Lisa - Androscoggin County
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