This is the challenge of any leadership team, to harness the focus and intent of the group and move them towards the fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the company.amber cox hypnosis portland maine

From a professional point of view, conversational Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistics are really both about the art of working with the unconscious mind (habits, beliefs, and behaviors) that drive our own individual intent and direction on a daily basis.  With that in mind, the ability to move a group, increase their bond together, and create momentum behind your company’s mission and purpose is adeptly served with this approach.

Applying this skill set, you’ll find our unique ability to motivate and inspire lasting loyalty and enthusiasm to be truly unique.

Please call for a private meeting with Maine Hypnosis Center to discuss your companies objectives and find the perfect lecture or group experience to accomplish your needs.

photo 2-2Corporate lectures range from Sales, How To Excel At Anything You Do, Communication Excellence, Stress Reduction Made Simple, to Health related topics like How To Lose Weight Naturally and Easily,  How To Stop Smoking

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